Article 8 Baggage

8.1 Items Prohibited and Restricted as Baggage 

8.1.1 Items which are unacceptable as baggage Items which do not constitute baggage as defined in Article 1 hereof. which are likely to endanger the aircraft or persons or property on board the aircraft specified in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air, the Dangerous Goods Regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations of Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and in Hainan Airlines’ Regulations. Especially those following prohibited articles: explosives, compressed gases, corrosive substances, oxides, radioactive or magnetized objects, flammable, poisonous, dangerous or irritating substances. For more information about the relative substances, please contact Hainan Airlines. Items whereby the carriage of which is prohibited by the applicable laws, regulations or orders of any state to be flown from, to or as part of a stopover. Items which are unsuitable for carriage by reason of their package, shape, weight, size or character. Live animals, except as provided for in 8.12 of this Article.

8.1.2 Items which are not transported as checked baggage

The passenger shall not include in checked baggage fragile or perishable items, money, jewelry, antiques, precious metals, gold and silver products, negotiable papers, securities, bank cards, credit cards or other valuables, business, government or private documents, passports and other identification documents, samples, medicine or medical devices or equipment, keys, computers, video cameras, cameras, mobile phones or other valuable electronics. Hainan Airlines is not liable for losses or expenses caused by a passenger’s negligence.

8.1.3 Items which are limited in transportation

The following items, which may be agreed to by Hainan Airlines and in accordance with Hainan Airlines’ Regulations, are permitted to be transported. Guns and ammunition for hunting and sporting purposes may be accepted as Checked Baggage with a gun carriage permit or proof of approval from the State General Administration of Sports. Guns must be unloaded with the safety catch on, and be suitably packed. Carriage of ammunition is subject to ICAO and IATA regulations, as well as applicable national laws, regulations, or orders from countries of departure, arrival and those in passing. Antique swords or knives considered tourist souvenirs and similar objects may only be transported as checked baggage within the relevant regulations.

8.1.4 Items that shall have an exemption baggage tag attached

Due to the value, nature of contents or possible passenger negligence which would lead to controversy, when accepting baggage, Hainan Airlines shall attach an exemption baggage tag to exempt the corresponding responsibility of Hainan Airlines. Such baggage may include: Fragile and easily damaged baggage; Improperly packed baggage; Small animals, fresh and alive objects, perishable goods or perishable goods carried in the baggage; The passenger was late in presenting the baggage for transportation; Damaged baggage; Checked Baggage whose weight and size is out of the limitation regulated by the carrier or oversized baggage; Unlocked baggage or baggage with a broken lock; Unchecked Baggage whose size exceeds the limitation of the baggage in the cabin.

8.2 Right to Refuse Carriage 

8.2.1 Hainan Airlines may refuse carriage of items transported as baggage described in 8.1.1 of this Article and may refuse further carriage of any such items upon discovery thereof during carriage.

8.2.2 Hainan Airlines may refuse to check any baggage unless it is properly packed in suitcases or other similar containers to ensure safe carriage under normal care in handling.

8.3 Right of Inspection 

For reasons of carriage safety and security, Hainan Airlines can check passenger’s baggage according to the regulation. For the purpose of determining whether passenger carried or carried secretly items in the baggage described in 8.1.1and 8.1.3 above, Hainan Airlines may check, scan or X-ray check the passenger’s baggage even if he or she does not present. If any damage occurs because of the X-ray check or scan, Hainan Airlines takes no responsibility unless the damage is the result of a Hainan Airlines negligence . If the passenger is unwilling to comply with such a request, Hainan Airlines may refuse to carry the passenger or the baggage.

8.4 Checked Baggage 

8.4.1 Upon delivery to Hainan Airlines of baggage to be checked, Hainan Airlines shall take custody thereof and issue a baggage identification tag for each piece of checked baggage.

8.4.2 Passengers shall label the name, contact method or other personal identification mark on the inside or outside of the checked baggage.

8.4.3 Best efforts should be made by Hainan Airlines for checked baggage to be carried on the same aircraft as the passenger, however for the purpose of safety, security or transportation, in the event passenger’s checked baggage cannot be transported with the same aircraft,Hainan Airlines should explain to the passenger its intention to carry the checked baggage on the next flight on the condition that the security is confirmed and space is available.

8.4.4 Unless otherwise specified, the weight and dimensions of checked baggage may not exceed Hainan Airlines’ regulations, those that exceed the regulations should be transported as cargo.

8.5 Unchecked (Carry-On) Baggage 

8.5.1 Baggage which the passenger carries on to the aircraft must fit under the seat in front of the passenger or in an enclosed storage compartment in the cabin.

8.5.2 Unless otherwise specified, the weight of carry-on baggage should not exceed 10kg, and the maximum volume should not exceed 20cm x 40cm x 55cm. Under the piece calculation system, unchecked baggage taken into the cabin may not exceed 10kg and the total length of its three edges may not exceed 115cm. Baggage which exceeds the above regulations should be transported as checked baggage.

8.5.3 If the weight or size of the passenger’s baggage goes against the regulations of 8.5.2, and is unsuitable to be transported in the cargo compartment, such as a delicate musical instrument, the passenger shall inform Hainan Airlines in advance if he or she wants to carry it as unchecked baggage. Only after receiving consent from Hainan Airlines may the baggage may be carried into the cabin. Charges will be issued according to the seat space taken up in the cabin.

8.6 Free Baggage Allowance 

8.6.1 In international transportation managed by Hainan Airlines, free baggage allowance may be calculated by weight and piece. Passengers should comply with the free baggage allowance according to the conditions and limits regulated by Hainan Airlines.

8.6.2 As for Hainan Airlines domestic sectors of international transportation under a single transportation contract, the free baggage allowance of the passenger should be subject to the allowance for the international sector.

8.6.3 In the case of Passengers buying mixed level tickets, the free baggage allowance can be calculated according to the free baggage allowance regulated on different flight legs.

8.6.4 Where two or more passengers, travelling as one party to a common destination or point of stopover by the same flight, present themselves and their baggage for travelling at the same time and place, their free baggage allowance may be calculated together according to the standard ticket price level regulations of each.

8.6.5 In the event of a voluntary itinerary change, the free baggage allowance should follow the regulation applied to free baggage allowance of the ticket price level after the itinerary change. If it is an involuntary itinerary change, the free baggage allowance follows the original regulations.

8.6.6 Weight calculation of free baggage allowance

In addition to some specified regulations of Hainan Airlines, the free baggage allowance of the checked baggage and unchecked baggage of every passenger is managed according to the following regulations: Unless otherwise specified, there is a 40kg free baggage allowance for each first-class adult passenger; a 30kg free baggage allowance for each business-class adult passenger; and a 20kg free baggage allowance for each economy class adult. Children or infants traveling on child tickets have the same free baggage allowance regulated in Infants paying 10% of an adult fare have 10KG free baggage allowance and a pushchair may be checked free of charge.

8.6.7 Piece calculation of free baggage allowance

Piece calculation of baggage allowance will be handled according to the flight regulations of each route.

8.7 Excess Baggage 

8.7.1 Excess baggage can be carried only after the passenger pays the excess baggage charge and Hainan Airlines issues an excess baggage check.

8.7.2 Unless otherwise specified, if baggage exceeds the weight limit specified, the excess baggage charge per kilogram is 1.5% of the highest valid adult direct one way fare on the day of the issuance of the excess baggage check.

8.7.3 Each piece of baggage exceeding the piece calculation baggage allowance will be charged according to the relevant regulations.

8.8 Value Declaration and Charge 

8.8.1 A passenger may declare a value for checked baggage if the value of the baggage is more than USD20.00 per kilogram or its equivalent currencies.

8.8.2 The value declared cannot be in excess of the real value of the checked baggage. Hainan Airlines may refuse carriage of certain high value items.

8.8.3 Hainan Airlines will charge additional value declaration expenses if the value declared by the passenger is over 0.5% of the highest value declared regulated in 8.8.1.

8.8.4 Hainan Airlines does not apply value declaration to unchecked baggage, seat baggage, diplomatic bags and other special items, for example musical instruments. For specific inquiries, please contact Hainan Airlines or its authorized agent.

8.8.5 Hainan Airlines does not apply value declaration to any small animal carried by a passenger.

8.8.6 If partial transportation of the baggage with value declaration is carried by other carriers that do not offer a value declaration service, Hainan Airlines has the right to refuse the offer value declaration service for Carried Baggage.

8.9 Collection and Delivery of Baggage 

8.9.1 The Passenger must have a valid passenger ticket to transport checked baggage.

8.9.2 After baggage delivery, the passenger receives a baggage identification tag for each piece of Checked Baggage, which must be used for baggage collection.

8.10 Delivery of Baggage 

8.10.1 Passengers shall claim their baggage at the destination or stopover with their checked baggage identification tag as early as possible.

8.10.2 It is only the person with a baggage check and baggage identification tag who has the right to collect the checked baggage.

8.10.3 when claiming the baggage without showing the baggage check and identification tag, a proof approved by Hainan Airlines should be presented, or agreement of the compensation of possible damage to Hainan Airlines according to regulation should be declared when necessary, then he or she can claim the baggage.

8.10.4 When passengers claim baggage and do not offer a written objection, it will create a rebuttable presumption that the baggage has been delivered according to the transportation contract.

8.11 Seat Baggage – Special regulations for carriage of fragile, precious objects and diplomatic bags 

8.11.1 Seat Baggage If the baggage has to take up a seat, the passenger should request space in advance when reserving the seat, and the baggage can only be transported with the permission of Hainan Airlines. The passenger takes responsibility for the seat baggage he or she carries. The weight of seat baggage for each seat may not be in excess of 75kg and the baggage should be properly packed. To guarantee the safety of the flight, the seats of the passengers and their seat baggage shall be designated by Hainan Airlines and for the entire trip the baggage should be secured by safety belt. When necessary, the baggage should be fastened by a cross arm brace. Seat baggage is not included in free baggage allowance and the fare is charged according to the adult ticket fare of the passenger. If the transportation is managed by successive carriers, the agreement of the corresponding successive carriers should be obtained.

8.11.2 Fragile or valuable baggage will be dealt with in addition to the regulations in these conditions; if the baggage requires a seat, management should follow 8.11.1.

8.11.3 Diplomatic bags According to the request of diplomatic couriers, Hainan Airlines can treat this as checked baggage and the carrier bears only the normal checked baggage responsibility. If diplomatic bags require seats, 8.11.1 is applied.

8.12 Animals 

8.12.1 Small Animals The term "small animals" means dogs, cats, and other domestic household pets. Wild animals and other animals with strange shapes or those that are liable to injure people (e.g., snakes) are not included in the category of small animals. If a passenger checks through small animals, the animals should be properly put in a suitable container and accompanied by valid health and vaccination certificates, entry permits, and other documents required by countries of entry or transit, failing which they will not be accepted for carriage. If accepted as checked baggage, the animal, together with its container and food, shall not be included in the free baggage allowance, but shall constitute excess baggage, for which passengers are obligated to pay the applicable charges. Hainan Airlines has the right to decide the method of transportation for small animals. Hainan Airlines also has the right to limit the amount of pets in one airplane. Small animals should be carried in the cargo compartment. The passenger whose small animal has caused other passengers or crew members damages or injuries will take full responsibility. The transportation of small animals shall also comply with additional conditions in Hainan Airlines’ Regulations. For specific information, please contact Hainan Airlines or its authorized agent.

8.12.2 Assistance dogs, guide dogs and hearing dogs Assistance dogs, guide dogs and hearing dogs may be taken into the cabin as required by applicable law, but they have to be secured adequately and may not occupy a seat. Passengers carrying an assistance dog should provide its valid certificates issued by an appropriate institution. When assistance dogs, guide dogs and hearing dogs are carried in the cargo compartment, they must be in suitable containers. Assistance dogs, guide dogs and hearing dogs and their containers and food may be transported free of charge and shall not be counted in free baggage allowance.

Passengers are completely liable for the injury or death of the animals above, except the case that Hainan Airlines is clearly responsible for the injury or death either intentionally or by accident. On some long-distance flights without stopovers or some special types of aircraft, it is not suitable to carry guide dogs or hearing dogs and Hainan Airlines has the right to refuse the carriage of the animals. Hainan Airlines bears no responsibility for the injury, loss, delay, disease or death of the animals after border entry or when the animals are refused border entry.