Unaccompanied Children Passengers

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If your child is taking a Hainan Airlines flight alone, we will endeavour to give you child a trip full of joy and surprise, making him/her feel not lonely at all.

Before departure

  1. 1. Important information for children travelling alone

  2. 2. Baggage handling procedures

  3. 3. Ordering meals for children


At the airport

  • We will provide a Little Traveller folder for the children to keep items such as their travel documents and boarding passes inside.

  • We have specialized staff to assist your child in checking in, going through customs, security checks and baggage check-in. They will be responsible for waiting to board with your child and taking care of their paperwork.

  • After boarding, our staff will hand over the unaccompanied child and their documents to the onboard staff in person, who will stay with your child and give him/her a pleasant air trip.

  • If the flight is delayed, specialized staff will be appointed to take care of and arrange food and accommodations for your child, and they will contact you in time. If the flight is cancelled, we will contact you and bring your child back to the departure airport safely.

  • Once the flight has arrived at its destination, we will have staff waiting for your child. Please ensure that the people picking up your child bring a cellphone with the reserved phone number and valid ID. After confirming validity of the pick-up persons' information, we will timely hand over your child to them.

During the flight

  • Our cabin crew will take good care of your child throughout the flight.

  • Videos, games and music intended for children will be provided to entertain you children, making sure that they are having fun the whole way.