The latest baggage rules tips

Please click here for the British Civil Aviation Authority's regulations on the prohibition of carry-on and checked baggage, to ensure that your baggage meets the requirements to reduce inconvenience during travel.

According to the latest regulations of the quarantine bureau of Taiwan, China, it is strictly prohibited to bring animal and/or plant products into Taiwan, China. Violators will face a fine of between 10,000 and 1,000,000 Taiwan dollars.Furthermore, passengers who bring pork products into the region will face a heavy fine of between 200,000 and 1,000,000 Taiwan dollars.

These customs regulations are strictly enforced. Do not travel to Taiwan China with pork or any other prohibited items which will put you at risk of severe financial penalties.

Outbreaks of African swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease, avian influenza and other infectious diseases have been occurring in Asia and other countries all over the world.

Pork, beef, chicken and other meat products are prohibited from being brought into Japan. Persons who bring those product without permission will be prosecuted with penal servitude for a term up to three years or a fine up to one million yen.Please click here for details.

Persons who have meat products or have visited places with livestock and persons who will contact with livestock in Japan must visit the “Animal Quarantine Counter” before customs inspection.

In compliance with the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam, passengers on all flights are prohibited from using or transporting any 15-inch MacBook Pro laptop computers manufactured and sold between September 2015 and February 2017, as these were recalled due to problems with the batteries.

We ask that all passengers entering or leaving Vietnam on Hainan Airlines flights please comply with all rules set by the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam. To avoid unnecessary loss, please do not bring any prohibited items into the country.

In order to ensure the safety of air transportation, Fuzhou airport has implemented the business regulation that the excess luggage (exceeding the standard of hand luggage) in the cabin is strictly prohibited to be loaded into the cargo hold since April 22, 2019. Airport staff will check the passenger's hand luggage at the gate. If the baggage does not meet the requirements for hand luggage and cannot be checked in at the check-in counter, it may be arranged to the next flight for express delivery and cannot arrive at the destination with you on the same plane.

Please read carefully and abide by the relevant regulations on hand luggage. Please check in the luggage in advance according to the requirements. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

Dear passengers,

As Hainan Airlines' flight from Melbourne to Changsha via Haikou needs to be re checked when passing through Haikou, you will not be able to pass the security check of Haikou Meilan Airport if you buy a single liquid duty-free article with a volume of more than 100ml at the duty-free shop of Melbourne Airport.

Please arrange your shopping plan reasonably. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Hainan Airlines Holding Co., Ltd

Dear passengers,

In order to improve the comfort and convenience of taking Hainan Airlines international transfer flights, Hainan Airlines has opened the baggage direct hanging service for some international round-trip flights. In order to facilitate you to enjoy the direct baggage service, please read the following contents carefully:

1. Please do not carry any prohibited articles that violate the laws, regulations or orders of the place of departure, stop, destination and overflight. The combined operation baggage of the actual flights carried by Hainan Airlines must comply with the relevant transport regulations of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), IATA (International Air Transport Association), civil Aviation Administration of China and Hainan Airlines.

2. Hainan Airlines baggage transport restrictions (please click here to view).

3. Please do not put the articles that must be declared to the customs and inspection and quarantine department into the interlinked checked baggage.

4. If any contraband is found in your luggage, it may be opened for inspection during transit due to laws and regulations. If the customs, security and other departments require you to handle it yourself, you may interrupt the baggage direct hanging service, and there is a risk of missing the continued flight in special circumstances.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.


Dear passengers,

As Hainan Airlines' flight from Sydney to Taiyuan via Haikou needs to be re checked when passing through Haikou, you will not be able to pass the security check of Haikou Meilan Airport if you buy a single liquid duty-free article with a volume of more than 100ml at the duty-free shop of Sydney airport.

Hainan Airlines Holding Co., Ltd

according to the needs of aviation safety, it is decided that from now on, passengers are forbidden to carry lighters and matches on civil aircraft. Remind the vast number of passengers to deal with the relevant items by themselves, and any delay and missed flight will be at their own risk.


From 0:00 on April 6, 2017, Beijing Capital Airport will fully implement CAAC order No.76 [civil aviation safety inspection rules (No.76 order of the Ministry of transport in 2016)]. If the volume of the container exceeds 100ml, all the liquid goods purchased by international transit passengers without opening and duty-free labels shall be checked in, and shall not be carried on or used as hand luggage for security inspection.

Civil Aviation Administration of China

Dear Passengers,
Thank you for choosing Hainan Airline! According to China Civil Aviation Administration requirements, the following provisions apply to passengers carrying portable phone chargers:

Portable phone chargers refer to mobile power sources for lithium batteries whose main function to provide an external power supply to mobile phones and other electronic devices. Under the currently valid ICAO Air Transport of Dangerous Goods Safety Technical Instructions and China Civil Aviation Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations, passengers carrying
portable phone chargers shall comply with the following provisions:   

  1. 1. A portable phone charger carried by a passenger must be for personal use.   

  2. 2. Portable phone chargers can only be carried in the carry-ons or with the passenger himself/herself. It is prohibited to carry them in checked baggage.   

  3. 3. Portable phone chargers with rated energy not exceeding 100 Wh do not require the airline's approval; those with rated energy exceeding 100 Wh but not exceeding 160 Wh must have airline approval before they can be carried; provided that each passenger may not carry more than two portable phone chargers.   

  4. 4. Portable phone chargers with a rated energy exceeding 160 Wh are not allowed to be carried; portable phone chargers whose rated energy value is not marked and whose rated energy cannot be calculated through other marked parameters are not allowed to be carried.   

  5. 5. Portable phone chargers should not be used during the flight to charge electronic devices. Portable phone chargers that have an on-off switch should be switched off from the beginning of the flight to its end.

Methods for determining the rated energy of portable phone chargers:
f the rated energy value of the portable phone charger is not directly marked in Wh (watt-hours), the portable phone charger’s rated energy can be calculated in the following manner:   

  1. 1. If the nominal voltage (V) and the nominal capacity(Ah) of the portable phone charger are known, the rated energy value can be calculated:

          Wh= V x Ah   

          The nominal voltage and nominal capacity are usually marked on the portable phone charger.   

  2. 2. If the portable phone charger is only marked with mAh, this value can be divided by 1,000 to get the ampere hours (Ah) value. 

       Examples: If a portable phone charger has a nominal voltage of 3.7 V, and a nominal capacity of 760 mAh, its rated energy will be:   

       760 mAh÷1,000 = 0.76 Ah   

       3.70.76 Ah = 2.9 Wh

Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) No.6 of 2016 issued the "catalogue of articles prohibited to be carried and checked by civil aviation passengers" and "catalogue of articles restricted to be carried or checked by civil aviation passengers" issued by CAAC. Please click here to read it carefully.

Civil Aviation Administration of China

In order to safeguard the safety of passengers' lives and property, CAAC has decided to adjust the relevant measures for passengers to carry liquid goods on domestic flights. The announcement is as follows:

1. Passengers on domestic flights are prohibited to carry liquid goods with them, but they can be delivered. The package shall comply with the relevant provisions of civil aviation transportation.

2. Passengers should carry a small amount of cosmetics for their own use. Each kind of cosmetics should be limited to one piece. The container volume should not exceed 100ml and should be placed in an independent bag for bottle opening inspection.

3. For passengers from abroad who need to transfer to domestic flights at airports in China, their duty-free liquid items should be placed in a transparent plastic bag with intact bag body and sealed. They should show shopping voucher and can only be carried after the security inspection is confirmed.

4. Passengers with infants can apply to airlines for tickets, and the airlines will provide free liquid dairy products on board; diabetic patients or other patients will carry necessary liquid medicines, which will be kept by the crew after the safety inspection is confirmed.

5. The liquid articles carried by passengers on international and regional flights shall still comply with the relevant provisions of the notice on restrictions on carrying liquid articles on civil aviation aircraft issued by the General Administration of civil aviation of China on March 17, 2007.

6. Passengers who violate the above provisions and cause consequences such as missed flights shall bear the responsibility.

This announcement shall come into force as of the date of promulgation.


according to the notice of Australian inspection and quarantine department, you are requested to Click here to read carefully the requirements of Australian inspection and quarantine authorities for imported articles and comply with them.

Hainan Airlines Holding Co., Ltd