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Product Introduction

Hainan Airlines has established cooperation with Deutsche Bundesbahn, providing joint sales services for the train segments from Berlin to the railways in Germany. Passengers flying on China-Berlin international flights operated by Hainan Airlines can enjoy a more comfortable and convenient experience and a wider transportation network.

Train Connections Tips

Passengers who have purchased tickets for China-Berlin international flights operated by Hainan Airlines can also purchase the one-way or round-trip ticket for the railways operated by Deutsche Bundesbahn in Germany with through ticket price, connecting to major cities in Germany. The class of train segment and free baggage allowance are the same as the flight segment. After purchasing a through ticket, passengers can exchange for train ticket on the designated website here .

Your train tickets are only available on the day or one day before flight depature, or available on the day of flight arriving or one day after.

When choosing a connecting train, please keep in mind the check-in cut off time for your flight, and leave a sufficient buffer so you arrive at the airport in time.


1. Specific train schedules are available on the Deutsche Bundesbahn website, please here to view. Please allow an appropriate amount of time to be able to make the connecting train/flight according to your travel arrangement.

2. To take advantage of this offer the train segment must be connected with the flight segment in your flight itinerary.

3. If you book this offer then you must take the train and please be sure to keep the ticket stub. If you cannot show the ticket when preparing to take the Hainan Airlines flight at the Berlin Airport, then it will affect your flight ticket.

4. Tickets for train segments cannot be refunded or purchased separately.

5. Please click here for detailed information.