Members Day
Get 500 Bonus Points

Starting from Dec 21,2020, register as a New Fortune Wings Club member on Hainan Airlines Global Website and purchase tickets on our website through your personal member login can earn 500 bonus points after the first flight.

Promotion & Travel Period: Dec 21, 2020 - Dec 31, 2021
Applicable Routes: Flights operated by Hainan Airlines(HU)/Grand China Airlines(CN)

Terms & Conditions
  • 1. This activity is limited to new members who register through our website during the activity time. Each member can only enjoy one extra bonus.
  • 2. Effective flight refers to the class space where members can accumulate rating points without 0 on Hainan Airlines(HU) and Grand China Airlines(CN) self-operated flights.
  • 3. The consumption points awarded by this activity will not be used as the basis for member grade promotion and preservation, and can only be used for reward exchange.
  • 4. This activity can be enjoyed at the same time with the normal flying points gained by members on flights, but can not be enjoyed at the same time with other new member bonus points policies.