"Rosy Clouds" flight attendant uniforms

|The Rosy Clouds

Landing on the fashion runway at Paris Couture Week in July 2017, Hainan Airlines "Rosy Clouds" flight attendant uniforms have been introduced system-wide on June 6th 2018. A bright summer of five-star in-flight service and style is on the horizon. Both the style and the name of the Rosy Clouds uniforms are inspired by Xu Zhimo's classic 1928 poem "Taking Leave of Cambridge Once Again". “Quietly I am leaving, Just as quietly as I came; Gently waving my sleeve, I am not taking away a single cloud.” With Rosy Clouds we hope to embrace the aesthetic implications created by the meeting of oriental and western cultures. The artistic design of these uniforms also serves to express the concepts of peacefulness among the cloudy heavens while further symbolizing HNA's golden winged birds flying among those clouds.


Lawrence Xu is perhaps the only Chinese designer with the ability and know-how to showcase his designs at upscale French fashion shows. His work is best known for harmoniously combining Eastern and Western aspects, such as combining western style draping with classical East Asian design elements. In 2013, Mr. Xu was the first Chinese designer to be invited by the Fédération Française de la Couture to enter Paris's Couture Week. His exquisite "Gold Cloud Brocade" design was selected as one of the World's Top 15 Luxury Apparel Designs.


The Rosy Clouds uniforms are a tribute to Hainan Airlines’ 25 year history of excellence. They are also an important measure to enhance international travelers’ visual experience with HNA. Many non-Chinese customers new to the Hainan Airlines experience are not aware that HNA is a global Top 10 airline which has won the SKYTRAX five-star certification award for nine consecutive years now. These totally new uniforms are based around the shape of a traditional Chinese cheongsam but with Western-style draping, aiming to highlight a sense of elegance and practicality for the flight attendants while at work. The patterns on the uniform evoke traditionally auspicious good luck elements such as clouds on the collar and a sea of waves rising from the hem. Mostly gray and white, the idea behind the uniform is the cloudy skies through which we soar. Red and yellow elements scattered throughout the design evoke China’s imperial past. The look and feel of the fabrics and colors mixes European style with Chinese aesthetics. From the length of the sleeves to the shape of the collar, everything has been thought through such that our uniforms seem less like work clothes and more like something which might be worn at an elegant cocktail party. At the same time, the new uniforms have also inherited and upgraded classic elements from the previous four generations of uniforms. In this way they pay tribute to the past while also embracing the future.

|New image

At the same time as our introduction of the Rosy Clouds uniform line, Hainan Airlines has consulted with renowned make-up artist Mao Geping to create a new look that is both simple and sophisticated. This new style is fresh and clean, enhancing the natural beauty that is already there rather than garishly painting over it. The sandy color of the women's lipstick echoes the colors of the cabin interior. The pearlescent eye shadow not only matches the blue and grays of the uniform but also the fabric on the seats. Our beautiful new uniforms paired with the elegant women who wear them creates a new professional image of the Hainan Airlines flight attendants.